Friday, December 21, 2012

Did I ever show this to you guys.....?

As near as I can figure, it's in an alternate  universe where world war III happened, and Devo won.

Post-post-modern-apocalypse- ;  and, if this is what the Myans are predicting for today, Sign Me Up !

Monday, December 17, 2012

Thoughts on Blog posts

So, once again, I learn the lesson that this blog at least is entirely my hobby, and that (for me) part of  hobbies pleasure, and thus motivation,  is in the lack of obligation. 

See, I've sat down to post stuff from time to time in the last couple of months, and what happens is that I realize I haven't finished the DCC review/game report, and since I don't happen to feel like doing that, I don't do anything, feeling some odd obligation to complete what I said I would, before I do something else.

So, the rest of the DCC game will have to wait for its muse, and no more lining up projects here, as opposed to my real life/career, where such is mandatory.  And, no more "up next" ends to posts.