Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ahhhhggghhhh.  What a week.  Amazing I made it out the other side.  Seasons greetings, merry Christmas, and happy holidays to all and sundry, nonetheless.  Me, kind of overdosed on merriness and whatnot....nothing bad, just tired.

That said, any religious group wanting to proselytise at my house now have a new and non-negotiable requirement:  the religion, whatever it is, MUST celebrate Christmas or Christmas-equivalent  in some period excluding mid November thru Mid January.  Period.  Elder gods not excepted.  If I have to shop for anything special over this period, anything, I'm sticking to my current cultural arrangement.........I might anyway: Cthulhumas, even  in August doesn't seem like a good trade: Santa claws rises from the depths and agonizingly eats your soul first, so you don't have to suffer thru the end of days when all mankind is devoured by the horrors and the abyss while running mad and free.  Marginally worse than the mall in December, so, sorry, no improvement, no sale. 

On gaming news, I'm going to run Swords and Wizardry for my ten year old  son and some of his friends, as well as one of my friends tomorrow (a sanity anchor, sorta) .  wish me luck !

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