Thursday, January 6, 2011

Umberoid Pseudohulk OSR monster horror chiller post......

So, for today, and due to a VERY busy week, heres a monster for old time D&D that I originally posted in the swords and wizardry (complete) forums -BTW, my new go-to FRPG rules !

Stick this in your players and smoke em.......

HD 8+6 AC 0
Attacks: Bite 3d6 2x claw 2d6
Move: 8, can sprint for one round/hour at 14. Movement is halved when moving thru matter.
Size: Large
Special Power: Indeterminate location and form: first sight of an EarthBorne in any given encounter requires a save to avoid confusion – subject is unable to move or take actions until damaged from any source, or attacked by the EarthBorne. All attacks on the earth borne are at -2 until the attacker scores damage, thereafter attacks are as normal.

The EarthBorne are a race of elemental offspring able to move thru natural matter much as a fish moves through water. Detailed description is difficult, as they are difficult to look at without disorientation due to their semi-material nature. Most observers are at risk of confusion or fear when observing an EarthBorne, due to its vague, shifting nature. Nonetheless, they are typically seen as large vaguely humanoid creatures, in size comparable to the largest of bears or larger. Form seems to vary somewhat from creature to creature, although all have multiple sets of eyes – presumably for sight in the different environments it inhabits. Finally, EarthBorne are possessed of tremendous strength and powerful digging claws, often incorporating iron or other harder elements into their structure.
As noted, EarthBorne are able to pass thru natural matter with minor effort, leaving no trail, but are unable to pass any matter that has been modified by non-natural forces. The extent of modification needed to block EarthBorne movement is somewhat unclear –while dressed stone, or even planking will stop them, simply displacing earth does not, although a sufficient level of compaction seems effective in some cases.

This protection is only partial, however, as they are often able to physically burst thru any modified matter that they encounter. Note that as the inter-earth movement is not effortless, they typically find natural caves or open areas in which to lair, and often to hunt, using the earth as a shortcut across open areas.

While they are rarely created, they are effectively immortal and thus found in many areas, inhabited or not. EarthBorne are one of the most deadly perils encountered in any underground excavation, such as mining, and they have been known to attack large structures thru the basement or dungeon levels. While seldom encountered aboveground, they are quite willing to pursue into open or outdoor areas. Luckily, they are invariably solitary, highly territorial, and seem to be limited in how far they can move from their point of creation. Thus, when one is slain, it is not replaced; nor are more than one ever encountered, as they invariably fight to the death when they encounter another EarthBorne.

EarthBorne invariably incorporate valuable metals and gems into its form, as well as naturally/magically alloyed metals (such as high grade steel and Nickel-Iron).
Note: Elemental offspring are so-called as it is believed that they are the result of elementals interacting with the mundane world. There is a noted association between encounters with elemental offspring and places where elementals are frequently summoned, have been bound for long periods of time, or have been destroyed. It is postulated that some part of the life force of an elemental interacts with mundane matter and becomes an offspring, gaining a material form, but retaining characteristics and powers associated with its “parent” type. They are seldom truly sentient, but are generally very cunning and aggressive possessed of great hostility to mundane life, likely as a result of the circumstances of formation.

Note: this is not a misspelling -they are Earth borne, as in carried along by the earth.

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Brunomac said...

Sounds a bit like a cross between the U. Hulks and Xorn.