Sunday, February 27, 2011

In which I discuss having thrown my son and heir into a sewer full of fish fiends......

So….how did it go ?

Well, once the initial chaos was resolved, which included the two time outs, once we got down to playing, the boys did as good a job of staying on focus as any sugar crazed marmoset….which is to say, pretty good for 10-12 year olds.

The game itself was much less chaotic than the previous game, likely because I had a much more manageable table size.  This run pretty much finished up the sewer crawl under an orcish city, and got the players finally squared with the local law by wiping out a pest problem that was interfering with  the local smugglin’ and thievin’ in his district, which was getting him leaned on by the smugglers and thrives who had him on payroll. Turns out a colony of fish fiends ( cut rate Kua-Toa) had set up shop and needed killin’.   Basically, they got killed, and the players managed to puzzle out that the reason that they had set up shop was that they were encouraged by competitors who wanted to cut in on the business and reduce competition.   See, the fish fiends swiped the stashed smuggled goods and stolen loot, and wacked any of the owners – they then traded the goods for more corpses, provided from the local gladiatorial stadium.  Sweet, heh ?

So, this run was mostly finding the actual lair of the fiends killing them, and finding clues at the end.  Well, too, one good brawl once back in town, involving the fighter who was wearing a skinned fishfiend chiefs head; see he wanrted to look badass, and he did, but he also learned that while looking bad ass will discourage some fights, in the kind of town they were in, it could also get you called out.  He won, and the orc bravo didn’t die, so the sherrif called it a fair fight.   Then, he ended up having to buy himself back out of a gladiatorial contract he signed, when he realized that this was a BAD idea.  Oh well, 200GP was a small price to pay for not fighting (say) a bulette with a dagger. 

Good fun seemed to be had by all, and all made level three.  Then, they hired on as caravan guards (stunningly original plot twist, I know) and finally left towm for more human lands. 

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Sounds like a good game to me