Saturday, July 16, 2011

Phew. That was a lot of work for a hobby project. What next ?

So, Adventurer is mainly done.  My plan for the future  is to just drop the skyship rules and have the sorcery book as a standalone for campaigns that want to add magic to the characters in book one.  I'll probably add the skyship rules to a quick airship combat system and some chargen and careers specific to make a supplement for campaigns with flying ships: working title "Skyships and Swordsmen " or something like that.  But, I'm taking a break from Adventurer for a bit.

In the meantime.......I'm tossing around some ideas for some campaign settings specific to the Mongoose Traveller rules.  Previously, I've been writing up "Retro Rockets Red Glare" (new working title) the setting exploring the undeclared hot war beyond lunar orbit in an alternate 1980's cold war.  Some of the setting ideas are here and here.  Space travel with Orion spacecraft carrying Gemini or Soyuz interceptors. Early 1980's tech in weapons and computers, missiles and kinetic weapons, that kind o' stuff.  read "Blind mans Bluff" and substitute "spaceship" for "submarine". 

Another idea is a more classic retro space patrol type setting,  in the much cooler future science of the 1940's/50's. Tentatively called "Space rangers of Saturn"; set, unsurprisingly, in the raw frontier colonies of the outer gas giants, operating from the 53rd state, Titan. Yeah, space western.  Sue me. No...actually, don't.

The first is an unusual take on retro, but is likely to be more specialized in its appeal; the latter, more fun, but less original.  Not sure which way to go. 

Let me know what you think.  Likely I'll do whatever my whim suggests, but hey, suggestions are always helpful.

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tzunder said...

Oh please do the 1980s lunar/space conflict, it'd be great fun and also portable to anyother Traveller setting with a balkanised world government!