Friday, June 29, 2012

Just a few more hours ! That's all the time we've got ! (T5 news & link)

 About 41 hours left as of 4:30 pm PDT

1,709  Backers
$239,263 pledged of $24,000 goal
~41hours to go

Honest to god, this is so cool, I must squeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEE!

And, despite the usual three-five bitter online cranks complaining about "how dare it exist" and "I sure hope it crashes and burns" this project represents 1709 other people contradicting the cranks and nerdpundits  about  just how frikkin great traveller still is after all these years (35 of em)..and using money to make the point, as opposed to obsessive passive-agressive gripe posts on traveller forums and personal echo chambers.
So, to the grumpy brigade: TOUGH NOOGIES !

U Fail epic ! SUXXOrZ to B U !

(this explicitly excludes any of you who actually produced your own vision of traveller using the easily available traveller SRD and OGL to at least put your sweat and time where your mouth is as regards traveller's failings)

If you like traveller, and want (must have desire ) the T5 600 pg omnibus , go for the basic $100.00 pledge that gets the book ($75.00 retail, eventually), CD-ROM and various cool swags. Note that if $100 seems unreasonable (as some maintain) consider that the retail price looks to be 75$ when it eventually gets to your FLGS, and most 600 page gaming doorstops cost very similar amounts . How much of a full players handbook, DMG and Monster manual ?  Even for ADD 1 ed ?   MGT costs about 40.00 with less than half the content(this is not a criticism, just an observation).  But, if that doesn't float your grav raft yet, or the money really is tight, how bout just hit a pledge of $1 to make the point if you are happy to see this ?
If you haven't found the link(s) to the site yet, click HERE.
Okay.  Ranting, self-indulgent commercial is over. 
This, BTW is absolutely unsolicited by FFE, Marc Miller or anyone, and is naught but my own dogheaded fanboi opinions.  Don't like em ? post your opinions, and damn the torpedoes -or tell your mom, I'm sure she'll listen. Soy Bomb !

 Back to actual content next post.  Thanks for your toleration  .


Kobold said...

Nice post, Doc - LOL.

I'm getting progressively more excited about this release. Fantastic to see so many people want to see T5 published.

Frotz Self said...

Thanks be that I saw the news about T5 on your page. I try to stay away from Kickstarter as I get drawn in too easily for projects. This one is a worthy one, though, and I put my money in the ring as well. Excited doesn't do the feeling justice!

Robert Saint John said...

Hell, I'm part of the Grumpy Brigade and I still pledged :) Can't help but be all caught up in the excitement.

There's also a related KS going on, just one more week, for the first T5 licensed supplement, the "Fat Cat" Far Trader Starship Supplement. Really great looking set of deckplans and so on, and I definitely plan on using it with both MgT and T5:

Doc Grognard said...

@Frotz: Nice to hear I was an enabler! Always glad to contribute to the delinquency of a gamer !

@Kobold: Yeah, Its just cool to see this come together for Marc. I hope EGG &DA got the same kind of kick out of what they did.....

@RSJ: I'll check it out; cause what I really need is more deckplans.....;)

Evyn MacDude said...

Note this is really just the 2nd edition of T4. If you like that ruleset it is interesting. I was peripheral to the Playtest (meaning I bought the cd with the drafts) and there are some interesting ideas that I probably graft into my CT/MgT fusion....

Doc Grognard said...

I suppose; although I've been in on the drafts, too, and it doesn't seem all that much like T4.2; if nothing else the half dice are gone.... ;)