Sunday, June 30, 2013

I go now, to the fate of all men.....who game and have kids......

It is perhaps the greatest gift that the human mind is unable to correlate the whole of its contents, and thus remain in blissful ignorance of what unspeakable chaos will will surely ensue when one volunteers to run a OD&D for one's newly 13 year old child and his tween friends.  I go now, the the place that all gaming parents must surely go, to face their own karma and spiritual payback for all the ruined campaigns, enraged DM's and total party screwups that said parents have inflicted in their formative years as dungeon delvers.....I go to munchkinland.

Dear god.  The one who shows up an hour early for everything that he doent forget is, I think, arguing to roll up a paladin or a monk with my son.  Emergency !


Evyn MacDude said...

You Knew you were going to have to pay for your Traveller based sins Martin....

John said...

Ha! And here I was hoping my karma was relatively balanced after DMing for the munchkins in college... though I suppose I likely still have a few years left to make up to my own father.

Doc Grognard said...


Heck, that'll happen when they start running OTU traveller for me. Currently these are my D&D based sins being worked off.


You were wrong. Kiddie gamer sins cannot be expiated by running for college aged munchkins. CAMs have some frontal lobe inhibition; not
when we were twelve.
Yeah, Be nice to your Dad, especially if he got you into gaming.

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