Monday, September 20, 2010


So, my post on TLAPD yesterday, got me moved back towards posting after a very relaxing vacation (real, not from blogging) and the not so relaxing run up to it at work. So what is where ?

Well, I found that when I posted on forums that I frequent, two things happen,. Three really. First is that I don't post stuff here. Second is that I get much more conversation and feedback from the forums. Third, and this is important, about 50% of it is with people I don't actually want to talk to. So, my assumption that forums give me more feedback is less true than I initially thought, once one factors in the fact that a big chunk of it is stoooopid.


Well, I have made progress on the second Beta, and the first has muiltiple hundred down loads, which is way cooler than I ever imagined. I ran down one of my usual alleys and decided to rewrite the magic system, got about 50% thru it, and decided that that wasn't what was needed, assuming that my goal is in fact to ever get it out there. So, I'm hoping to have the Beta 2.0 out by the end of this week, warts and all; and whuile there are some , there are less now than before.

That said I have other projects I've started on, both traveller related and not, and while I want to get them up here, i think I need to put this project to bed for a while after this week. A confession: one of the main reasons I put this blog up was to make myself produce, and, actually its worked. Unlike any other RPG player or GM I'm a wannabe designer -I know thats an astounding revalation, but hey. So, it seems that the first step is doing somthing that has an existance outside of my own head, and this is that.

Final realization: despite its success, this is a damn tedious blog unless one is interested in the nuts and bolts of my system as it builds -which not to many people are, and who could blame them ? Still the fact that the actual rules are moving is whats important, not that my design process be transparent.

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