Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why is today different from all other days ?

Because by blackbeards raggedy blown out underwear, its talk like a pirate day ye filthy lubberly god-cursed poxy swabs !!!! !

An the first one of ye chunder headed deck apes that spells "ARRRRR" with a "G" is fer the short walk off the side after ye chases yer burning guts around the mainmast and dammit ! I hates it ! I'll cast me anchor in ye , ye G writin' lubberly swine, see iffn I dont !

Arr be what A pirate says ! ARRRGH be what a lubber says when his faint heart be ripped out with a cutlass stoke and chewed with blasphemous teeth afore his horrified eyes !*

Gets it right 'r its the basinado fer ye !

*Tm captain L'Ollenais aka he cruelest man who ever lived. Look it up.

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