Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Adventurer Book 1: Characters and Conflict now available !

For those of you still interested in the progress of the project that inspired this blog, I now have a new, revised and reorganized file available for Adventurer: Book 1 Characters and Conflict. This includes what will (absent any playtest and editorial comment) be probably the final version of the character, combat and equipment rules, and two each of the combat system and equipment lists !  My byzantine versions, and the likely simpler and certainly more familiar SDR systems.  Also, it has a spiffy cover*, and interior art** to which I have added stupid captions.

Book two will likely focus on the magic system and the bestiary.  Book three will cover the campaign tools and (likely) a modification of the Traveller SRD for creating skyships and the like.  If anything else is produced, it’ll probably be a campaign, perhaps based on Heptarchia or Skyswords of Pangea.

I decided on this reorganization because it allows each of the books to be used alone to modify Traveller campaigns, depending on what one wants.  The excellent Mercator, with its own character generation and world could simply add Magic and Creatures using book two, whereas a straight low tech world SF campaign might simply use book 1 for the character generation and combat rules, and omit the magic users and spells.
I do note that the first book does include generation rules for Mages and spellcasters, but no spells.  I toyed with the idea of stripping them out and letting book 2 include them, but I eventually decided that its easier to ignore them in non-magical campaigns than to have to constantly flip between two booklets, although the latter approach is much purer old style game design..;) .

*Cover Art: Sade:  Fantasy book cover stock
**Interior: Joe Calkins, Cerberus Royalty Free Clip Art Pack
Both available from rpg.drivethrustuff, and highly recommended!

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