Monday, April 4, 2011

Non-Ranting Adventurer Post.....

So, I've got a pdf available for the AAACS (Alternate Adventurer Abstract Combat System) available for perusal; and yes, I'd appreciate comments, and any actual playtest reports will get me to buy you a beer if we ever meet.

(UPDATE:  Links disabled.  check latest posts for current version)


NetherWerks said...

Looks interesting. I've downloaded it and we'll give it a try later on and get back to you.

roleplay said...

All dnd like gaming are weird, leave it and toss it to the trash can.

From my point of view the whole oldschool gaming and retroclone rule designing are completely unnecessary. Because there are lot of games (for example odnd) and you don't have to publish n+1 version. Why don't you redesign the original dnd? Why fun playing with these clones?

Doc Grognard said...

@Netherworks -thanks ! Look forward to your input.

@roleplay. Welcome ! I checked out your blog, and while we disagree in several areas, I'm always impressed by someone who is blogging in a non-native language.

To answer your question, all I can say is, because I find it fun and enjoyable; so we have that in cokmmon even if the specific expressions seem incomprehensible to each other. I'd also point out that I'm not strictly doing any kind of clone of OD&D, rather extrapolating a D&D that grew out of a different, non-fantasy source. Check out my Intro page.

Thanks for the comment!