Sunday, May 15, 2011

So, I've figured out......

Why my blog isn't the most popular on the internet. I don't have a statement about "what the OSR, OD&D and Rules-Lite is to Me" !  So here goes.

To me, the Old School Rules, Original D&D , and Rules Lite RPG movements are all about a whole bunch of gamers finally, publicly  admitting that I was right all along.  I've been griping, moaning and winging about overblown and complicated rules strangling the RPG industry, ever since I was 16 and TSR told me they were "reworking the whole system".  I've played, and become annoyed by every single iteration since Eldritch Wizardry and citizens of the Empire for Traveller !  And I was right by jimmy ! All you Threetards and Fourons and Twosers and Noobs playing kiddie D&D or AD&D OFF OF MY LAWN !  I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG !  Ye shall, ask "whyfor are we unsatisfied, when we have the newest of editions, the indyest of indy , the GSR theory and the card of collection ? speak unto us old fart gamer that we shall know"  And I say unto thee "thou suffereth from ennui because you were WRONG and deserve to suffer !  Did I not say that if all thou has is a scrap of paper and some rocks then thou should run a game about pebbles and paper  (although, to do so thou must use at least one die, else you wander into abomination, obviously, although if you have not even one lousy die why are thou here, even ?) ?  Did I not give thee the law of the creek and the crawdad in mock of complicated systems  back in the early eighties for crimmies sake ?  Did I not say unto thee, if thou should listen to me, and agree in all ways with what i say, and do in all ways as I do, and play for the game and the fun and not the rules and the shiny stuff  that thou shall be happy all the days of thy gaming life And certainly have more pocket change to waste on snack foods and the like?  And did thou listen ?  Did thee ? Well, about frikkin time.  Now.  3d6 in order, and start ye playing"

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