Sunday, May 16, 2021

 Wow.  That was a weird 5 years.

So, I'm semiretired now, and after the last job, which made a lot of money, but almost killed me , I'm loving it.  

Survived two elections,a pandemic, and numerous family catastrophes, and still gaming.  Lockdown was tough, but our core group finally bit the bullet and moved online.  Details to follow otherwise, but one campaign is an ironman OD&D Basic Fantasy campaign. 

 Roll 3d6 in order, roll HP, start at level 1.  The rules seem to combine the gratuitous hardassery of original Gygaxian ODD+/ withe skimpy experience and stats of  1e original. 

Saves vs Death or die.  

Dead at 0.  

Rolling a 14 is a GOOD stat roll, 16 is good enough that when I rolled it for INT, I played an MU, despite zero survivability for 1st level fighters this far...... Yow. 

Minimal staring resources

Clerics with no spells at level 1.

MU have one spell and one spell only other than read magic.  Choose wisely ! (spoiler, I didn't)

So, lots of deaths, and no second levels yet. Still, fun and fun. Its been a while since I've seen a character die from failing to jump a pit, or having my own being immolated in what is essentially a grain elevator explosion.  Good times. 5 sessions, five players, 5 deaths (I think). Almost 6 (my 2hp mage/thief made a save vs death at 0 HP, lets see if he falls off the mule on the way home) .

So, I stopped naming my characters until we hit second level.  Vietnam FNG syndrome. Now they just get given cold war NATO identifiers; and actiually, it gives them names a good as any from oldenshool: my nearly dead mage is "Blowlamp Flogger", previously "Frogfoot Forger".  another player was "flipper gadfly". t works so well, I made a table to randomize it, and decided to hand it off to you all.  Enjoy !


Anonymous said...

Bumped into a link to this site from a pdf of your Adventurer conversion, my gratitude for your past work!

Bobby Jackson said...

The Box links do not appear to be working.

Golden Star Erfahrungen said...

Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise