Monday, November 1, 2010

Brickmasters of the Unknown !

So, my continuing time over at Lego Universe has convinced mwe that there isn't much need for a moderate or higher crunch set of Brick roleplaying rules -it's basically there online.  However, I have been inspired to do a rules lite version of bricks and basilisks, inspired by searchers of the unknown, a marvelous one page OD&D-lite triumph of style over text by Nicolas Dessaux  HERE .  Plus, bunches of variants compiled HERE ,  and the original thread HERE.

Now, my entry, Brickmasters of the Unkown, really doesn't have much left from either OD&D or SoTU, but the style of SoTU absolutely encouraged me to take a stab at the one-page grail for "brick" gaming.  Alas, as I moved away from the structure of OD&D, I lost considerable implied structure, and I had to fudge it, length wise. The result is a two sided single sheet, but it includes spells, monsters and some stuff about tasks and experience, PLUS a combat system. In truth, it lacks explicit dinosaurs, which is a serious issue, although it also lacks explicit bears, so Stephen Colbert should be happy there.

It was a very interesting exercise boiling ones rules down to an absolute limited size; it certainly had me rethinking quite a few aspects of the game for neccessity wheras even with a short booklet I would have just gone ahead and included some fairly redundant stuff.  Also, it does force clarity of writing -or at least brevity.  It isn't Barkerese or International Science Abstract Gibberish, but I think its a lot leaner than it was.

So, for your enjoyment, Brickmasters of the Unknown !


Matthew W. Schmeer said...

Coolness! I think I'll try this with one of those new LEGO board games.

kesher said...

Hey, this is brilliant!I'm absolutely going to try this out with my six year-old BRICK fanatic!