Saturday, November 6, 2010

My ancient wilderness campaign map.......

So, about a zillion years ago, I started GMing original D&D, and, as suggested, got a copy of the wilderness survival map (mailorder spare part from Avalon hill; yes I was already a profound gamer-geek in 1975).  I copied, messed with, accidentally destroyed, replaced and redrew it on and off for years.  Its most constant use was as "The Remarkably Square Island" allowing me to run dungeon crawls and associated hex crawls in any overall strategic campaign I wanted, or for impromptu pickups with no particular continuity (Grad school period of my life). 
I was dithering about scanning it when I found a rendering of it online recently here(at Bat in the Attic); so I downloaded that, and modified it according to at least one of the incarnations -as L'isle d' Carre, aka ReSquIs.

Roads and baronies added. More details later. BEHOLD !

(see next post for downloadable and larger version )


Anonymous said...

Behold what? Is there a link missing?

Doc Grognard said...

Behold me forgetting to put in a link! or possibly screwing up making a picture a click link !

Next post, Ooopsie, nad thanks for the heads up. Whoever you are..;) ...."who was that masked editor !"