Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brickmasters supplement 1: Gruehawk !

Enjoy a break from turgid discussions of the potato in roleplaying with the brainless silliness of the first supplement for the uberlite ultra-old school OD&D inspired Brick RPG: Gruehawk !


geordie racer said...

Awesome !

Dan said...

There ARE potatoes in Harn, dammit!

Thomas Biskup said...

Sorry for polluting this blog post with a request, but I was unable to find your contact data and posting to the other less frequented blogs in your profile for some reason did not work.

I just saw that you mentioned being the author of Creeks & Crawdads (on Grognardia). I have been searching for a print of this game for an eternity. Is there any way to procure an original print of the game from you, preferrably signed by you? I'd be willing to pay reasonable amounts of money (open for discussions) and would love to add that legendary game to my collection. Since I could not find your contact data and did not want to pollute your main blog I'm trying here first.

If you are interested / willing / able to help I would be extremely grateful to receive a response at thomas.biskup at

Thanks a lot in advance!