Friday, August 13, 2010

New stuff: Alchemy spells 1.

Enhancement of the material form
Cost: 100silver x 2d6 x maximum points chosen.
Difficulty: the chosen maximum Characteristic boost.
Time to prepare 1 day per point of maximum

This spell allows an alchemist to create potions or other medicines that temporarily increase the users natural characteristics. Choose a characteristic from STR, DEX, END,or INT. Specify a maximum number of points to add to the stat; this is the difficulty for creating the compound. If successful, note the final effect. If the effect of the success is less than or equal to the maximum chosen, the compound boosts the characteristic by that amount. The basic duration of a result that is less than or equal to the maximum chosen has a duration of one hour and an effective life of one day.
If the final result exceeds the maximum, the caster may allocate effect points to duration, effective life and any limitations.
Points added to duration extend the potion by one hour per point. Points allocated to life increase the life of the compound by a week. Limitations are a set of words that limit who can use the compound. Each point allows one word. Example: “Me”(1 point) “My friends”(two points) “elves or dwarfs”(three points) “Anybody but that tool, Bilbo” (5 points).
Failure causes an explosion, doing damage equal to the maximum points chosen plus the negative effect (treated as positive for all you clever Nellies). With a blast radius of 1 yard per point of negative effect. Additionally, the cost of the casting is lost.

Note: compounds increasing INT are often highly addictive for spellcasters*. When an INT boost compound expires, a spellcaster user must succeed in an INT test vs dice equal to the boost or immediately attempt to consume another INT compound within (2d6 – boost) hours if available. If after that time a compound was not available, the spellcaster suffers a minus to all spell rolls equal to half the boost (rounded down) for a number of days equal to half the boost (retain fractions). This effect is not directly ameliorated by INT potions , but is effected by magical cures.
*defined as anyone who learns or can inherently cast a spell.

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