Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Two More for.......GOETRY !

Conjure champion

This spell summons a single extraplanar being to fight for the spellcaster. The basic champion summoned is a humanoid warrior of unremarkable Stats and abilities. The champion must remain within sight of the spellcaster or 100 yards if the caster becomes unseen by whatever means. While able to speak the casters preferred speech, the champion is uninterested in and unwilling to perform any role but that of a bodyguard or warrior for the spellcaster . When not specifically given any orders, the champion will actively guard the spellcaster from physical attack. . The champion never checks morale, and will immediately obey any command to attack, no matter how unbalanced the odds. The champion may be assigned to any one person other than the caster, in which case the designated person is treated as the caster for all purposes (and the actual caster is not).

If cast successfully, the following champion appears.

Basic Champion:
Humanoid 555510; Skills: Brawling-1.

For every effect point over 0, the Champion may allocate points to a variety of enhancements.

  • Increase EDU. For each point allocated, EDU is increased by one point. A champion may learn Brawling and one combat skill, only. Each point of EDU allows one skill level. to be learned in either brawling or one chosen weapon skill. Additionally, the Champion is summoned with the weapon is non-brawling is chosen, plus a shield if it is one handed.
  • Increase Stats for each point allocated, 1d6 may be added to one physical stat, MAX =12
  • Improve Armor. For each point, the Champions armor may be increased one level beyond a shield. (Jack, Chainmail Scale, Banded, Plate )
  • Bodyguard The champion will only attack to defend the caster (or designated person) or himself, but is assumed to have a 12 NT for purposes of spotting enemies or anticipating an attack.
  • Berserker The Champion will only attack if commanded to or attacked. The champion has a +2 to hit and damage. Once engaged in combat the Berserk Champion will fight until dead, or the death of the opponent.

Summon Monster:
Basic Duration: 10 Minutes + 10 *(allocated effect points squared)

Summon monster is fundamentally the same as summon animal, but it summons one magical, unnatural and/or intelligent creature to fight for the Spellcaster. As with Summon animal, the creature is chosen from a list (provided by the GM) based on allocated effect size. Note that enhancements are limited to numbers appearing and duration only, as part of the definition of a monster is a creature with unusual or supernatural abilities or characteristics. A huge Salt water Crocodile is a creature, whereas a similar sized lizard that flies, breathes flame, and has armored skin is a monster. Extra examples may be summoned, one per effect point allocated.

The monster need not be local, likely or even previously known to exist, as long as it is on the table constructed by the GM; it must however, be able to survive the spellcasters current environment. An example of a monster list would be the above megafauna table in a modern earth campaign. A quick dodge is to give a normally dangerous animal a size boost of at least 2 sizes (Huge) or more (giant) and unusual hostility and intelligence. Winged versions and bizarre combinations (that improve the whole )work, too.

effect  Size Types
1 or less 1 Gigantic death leeches ,Huge Insect (spider, ant, scorpion)
2 3 Huge Bloodsucking Bat; Jealous aggressive  shorthaired Pixy
3 6 Huge Flying Fanged Frog; evil leprechaun
4 12 Flying monkey with Fez, Giant Ant
5 25 Giant scorpion
6 50 Goblin, Animated Skeleton
7 100 Hobgoblin, Giant spider, Humanoid of choic
8 200 Gargoyle
9 400 Flying Boars, DracoBear
10 800 Giant killer Carnivorous Penguin
11 1600 Wyvern
12 3200 Dragon

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