Friday, August 13, 2010

New Stuff: Alchemy Spells 2

Binding of the arcane essence.
Cost: See below table
Duration: instant/as per spell
Life: base 1 day+1 week per allocated effect point.
This allows the Alchemist to bind standard spells into alchemical compounds. The spell must be either known by the alchemist, or be provided during formulation by a capable spellcaster. The spell must be successfully cast, and the final effect recorded and allocated as appropriate to the spell description. Once the bound spell is cast, the alchemist must succeed in an Alchemy task check, modified by the difficulty of the bound spell.
Success indicates the compound and spell are successfully bound. Extra effect points may be allocated to effective life and limitations as per Enhancement of the material form. Otherwise, the default life of the compound is one day, with no limitations.
If the roll fails, the compound (and costs) are lost, and the bound spell immediately takes effect as if cast at the Alchemist and helpers. Assume that all working on the formulation are within 3’ of the spells point of effect, allow all but the casting Alchemist a DEX test to jump to cover and take ½ effect.

Cost of compounds are based on the school of the spell to be bound.
Cantrip/Chant2d6 gold coins or Solidii
Dweomer/Blessing 10 x 2d6 gold coins/Solidii
Sorcery/Prayer 100 x 2d6 gold coins/Solidii
Wizardry/Miracle 1000 x 2d6 gold coins/Solidii

In addition, any costs associated with the bound spell must be paid up front, and any physical effects upon the caster occur as listed to whoever provided the bound spell.

When consumed (or used –one could bind a spell into some odd ointment) the user may and must immediately cast the bound spell. The user of the compound does not suffer any effects related to casting the spell. Cool, huh ?

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