Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Three of us makes a conspiracy: the (current) traveller fantasy hacks. !

Thanks to Rob at Bat in the Attic for his unsolicited but very welcome progress report on my version of the Fantasy Traveller Hack : Adventurer.

Before I say more, it has reminded me that I've been remiss about posting the other site/people working on the same idea.  So, without further ado,

In addition to my own take on the subject (Book 9 : Adventurer) there are  two others  in current development: Wanderer: by GerallKahla of Strange Glyphs  and Adventurer: by Nathan at Platonic Solid . Check em out, we all have different approaches and are all in different stages of development; but all are cool . Well, the other two for sure are cool...mine ?  Check it out yerself. 

Mercator: by Paul Elliott and Aldreth  (direct to PDF link) by Nigel Hodge are finished versions, (WOOOT ! YAY ! )from pre Mongoose SRD days (1994 in one case). Both are excellent and both are inspirations for my current work.

Also, there are two more which I only have old versions of.: Glass and Gold , a partially filled outline, (author unclear), and Fantasy Traveller Careers by doc_mystery (actually, pretty much finished given it's title and remit).

We've all got different takes on what it should look like, and frankly, that's cool.     The above versions are just the ones I know of, and are well worth checking out. I almost certainly have missed some, so please shout out if I have !


A Paladin In Citadel said...

What I like most about this exercize is the thought that I could use the subsector grid to create my own wilderness map, and the character creation system that feels old-school but creates uniquely skilled characters.

Doc Grognard said...

Yes ! Exactly my goal, especially with regard to the chargen. Feel free to post the characters that you've generated !

Balancing the career tables was a major project. I'll post about it sometime.

Thanks !