Tuesday, October 5, 2010

AN UPDATE FOR ADVENTURER ! Beta 2.0 starting posting.

Now, as I noted, finished stuff is cool, and in fact, getting things to that stage, thru the last 10%, is often half the work. I've tried not to start other projects until I have a second Beta -so why the Bricks & Basilisks post yesterday ? cause I have the version 2 Beta done with the exception of some new wilderness/dungeon stuff; I gave myself a present and blasted out the minifig rules in the last post which have been swimming around my head for years. Then, I forgot to post the Adventurer rules. Theres a lesson there, I bet, but I'm not sure what it is.......

The point of this, is this: I'll be posting the new version in parts for a few days, and as I get the last part done, an ombibus edition. Heres the first part I want people to look at, and hopefully comment on: The magic rules and system. I've also posted the current version of the chargen and stuff rules for context -although the earlier beta should be good enough (not much change in section 1), althought I moved the equiptment section up)

And, Oh yeah. ART ! How completely unneccessary from an old school traveller viewpoint !



Go ye forth, download and comment unto me, prithee !

(UPDATE:  Links disabled.  check latest posts for current version)

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