Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Way cool Tolkienesque rules & setting site ! Attendance is mandatory !


I may get time to discuss this in depth, but GO THERE NOW!

A very well done, very very well presented set of  OpenQuest based rules (d100%)for a LOTR-style and feel setting, and a silmarillion like set of campaign notes.  And cool maps, too. All free, as well.

Obviously, to quote another poster, this isn't a set of middle earth roleplaying rules or a campaign, as that isn't an open setting and would be off limits - but, in a spectacular coincidence , it seems to capture the feel and heart of play in a low magic, high fantasy, high consequence  epic world.....

........stop reading this and go there at once, I tell you !  Fly you fools !!!!!!(aieeee)

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