Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adventurer and money......

So, as it stands now, Adventurer has a basic OD&D GSC money suystem, and a basic price list (thank you Swords and Wizardry Whitebox SRD), which, given what it is, could be fine. Still, always one to tinker, I've been wondering about tweaking it in one of two directions. So, one today, one tomorrow (or thereabouts......)

First, imagine that the authors decided to go for a silver standard, and one more based on Imperial Rome or Byzantium than Paris and Milan. In other words, the basic coins are silver, and the prices are more based on Diocletian's edict than Medieval documents. Why ? Well, the S&S world always felt more Hellenistic/Classical than feudal: big cities, Central monarchies, nation states, and politics on a national rather than local level. So, a currency with that feel seems more in keeping.

My first pass at the mental snakepit that is period economics and currency has resulted in the following potential currency setup for adventurer: Gold Solidus, Silver Denarius, Bronze Sestercii and Copper Aes. The exchange would be somthing like 1:25:100:400, with the coins being either 12 to a pound(copper and bronze) or 72 to a pound (gold and silver).

Basic costs would be on the order of cheap beer or big loaf of bread, = 1 Aes, a days unskilled labor = 1 denarius, double for skilled workers and soldiers, triple for craftsmen and etc. Food = cheap, Textilesand manufactured hard goods = expensive; Sword = 40 - 60 denarii, Good armor or mail ~ 200d.

Too much detail in pursuit of flavor ?

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