Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What next ?

Apparently my revelations about the Fey of Heptarchia came to their attention: dental torture and data disasters that can only be explained by malevolent Elves, the Basta......ahem.

So where next ? I have about a final 10% to add to Adventurer (Beta); or, I can continue on with the campaign: a paragraph or ten more about Heptarchia, some detail on Kantium as keyed in the map, one city, and perhaps some info about the neighboring realms. The campaign is easiest to write, and fun, but the rules will give me a bit of closure. Decisions, decisions.

Plus, just to help things along, I've also fallen in love with two new rules-lite systems, come up with a twisted idea for another faux-traveller core rulebook, two new campaigns (one in collaboration with my Son), and gotten interested (again) in medieval money as it relates to FRPG use. Sigh.
ADD isn't just an acronym for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, ya know.


GerallKahla said...

I'd vote for a push to finish _Adventurer_, personally. Closure is a good thing(tm) - Really.

What's the other faux-traveller core book? Very interested in reading more of your work. Thanks for sharing.

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