Monday, July 19, 2010

Hexes: how much detail ?

Currently, I'm looking over the Heptarchia map, and starting to think about keying it; am wondering if my insistance on high level mapping only may be a bit off. a 1 week scale hex is BIG. The heptarchia map is a good sized island (Greater britain, in case it wasn't obvious), including water, it has 49 hexes -which should be enough, but I am so tempted to start adding mega and megasquared hex mapping -in other words expand each of the one week hexes to one day hexes. Is this just the old granular "insane clockmaker" hyperdetailed approach to campaign building kicking in ?

Gotta remember: This isn't middle earth -no one is going to see the maps or the encounters that don't happen. Tell a story about a hex.
Perhaps I should stop thinking and start rolling, as 'twer.

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