Monday, July 26, 2010

Your Gonzo May Vary, or Heptarchian races as players:

This is entirely a function of your own gonzo quotient. Arduinites will no doubt have the lot, plus extras ; others, not so much. I was going to make a comment about D&D DMs being tightest about keeping the races near human, but I realize that that isn't the case any more, and hasn’t been for a while….like since a year or so into 3E ? I mean, really, what is the conceptual differnece between a half-Deodant dark star adept gladiator and a Tiefling dragonblooded swashbuckler swadowblade ?

Not sure if the “humans are the preferred type of character in the D&D world” line even survived 2E. Oh well. I have no opinion, per se, other than to note that the old Arduinesque “seven players of different alignments, classes, and biological Phyla” has become the norm……

But, I digress.

Me, what I’d allow is this:
Newcomers (obviously, for those low personal gonzo quotient players..);
Pets: Tower Dwellers and Showpets; ;
Thralls: all domestic thralls, and probably only the Peltasts from the war thralls.

Or this:

All newcomers, all coming over together from the continent, hired as cannon fodder by one of the kingdoms. For extra giggles, they can do a classic “Hengst and Horsa”, and bring their families over to homestead, too – start with a (pathetic) stronghold you have to worry about immediately rather than in the endgame when you are high level…

”Hey Pa, come quick ! Ma’s done being wailed on by a monster agin’…”
”I rekon I kin do that, but Damn Boy, this wood aint gonna chop itself “.…

Add in the above local races as players die (and they will. Oh yes…..)

Again, your gonzo may vary……

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