Thursday, July 22, 2010

Races and Subraces , Part 2

Game effects and character modifications:

There are three main subtypes of Pets.
Tower Dwellers are descendents of the pampered humans kept for companionship and to relieve boredom, or to boss Thralls and may become mages or clerics. All have Notable SOC but weak END and distinctive appearance.

ShowPets Kept for status, fashion, competition and/or entertainment Characters may choose two different characteristics to be notable, but must take one that is weak. All are feral and have bizarre appearance. Alternately, one trait may have Notable apply twice, but a second (and different) weak trait must be taken. May become mages

Journeymen are the descendents of Pets that were taught magic by the Fey. They may become mages and have a +2 to enlist as a Magic user All have weak STR , Notable INT , distinctive appearance. A character may opt to have the traits Magical , Fast Metabolism , weak END and Bizarre appearance

All thralls are physically altered humans, and generally breed true to their subclass, although they are seldom able to crossbreed ; and even within their subtype, they are less fecund than normal humans or the Pet descendents. Thralls were modified to be specialized appliances and labor saving devices for the Fey, who, not being stupid, bred in instincts to make them safe to use. As a result, all Thralls have to make a 3d INT test to ever directly damage or otherwise harm a Fey. Originally, a lifelong and inheritable Geas was cast on all Thralls, requiring a similar 3d roll to disobey or refuse to obey a Fey or a Fey appointed overseer. Since the rebellions, this has mostly been purged or faded out, paticularly as the surviving Fey are now few, far between, and far away.
There are many varieties of Thralls – below are some of the most common

Domestic Thralls did all the scutwork and mindless day to day labor for the Fey. Now, most of the Thrall descendents still do similar work, there are not-unusual exceptions. In fact, many thralls still take it as a mark of pride to do something that their hated masters didn’t breed and twist them for. No Thrall race can be a Magic User, but due to the cultural skills developed in the second rebellion (against the Journeymen) they have a +2 to enlist in the Priest profession.

Drones Drones are the most numerous and least altered of the Thralls, but still have been bread for distinctive appearances to indicate ownership, as well as the ability to work long hours in the fields or to perform repetitive and often mindless tasks. Drones are Feral, with Notable END

Porters Porters were bred for brute strength,strong backs, and weak minds. In part, they were bred to replace Troll slaves, who were much less tracable, if more resilient. They are essentially human forklifts and bulldozers, but also riding mounts where speed or looking cool was less important. They have the traits Feral , Large , Notable STR, slow metabolism and Weak DEX

Runners Runners were couriers and messengers. Traits are small, fast metabolism, Notable END weak STR, no fine manipulators
Tinkers Tinkers were bred to fix things, work metal and wood, cook, sew, weave and generally provide skilled craftsmanship that are too common or boring for the Fey. Notable DEX , fast metabolism and small

War Thralls were used to defend the realm, but also, and far more commonly, to resolve the disputes of the petty nobility amongst the fey, of for gladiatorial games. Details next time.

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