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Subraces of heptarchia, part 3 : War Thralls !

War thralls are highly altered humans, and the least able to reproduce without Fey assistance; this is not an accident. Currently, they have make up about 10% of the population of Heptarchia, and seem to have stabilized. War thralls under the Fey were controlled by sorcery and potions,and the original population was raised to be both ignorant, antisocial and highly aggressive. Wiith the removal of the Fey, they have reverted to more human personalities; while often of lower intelligence, they are not the frenzied berserkers they once were; although they are often somewhat emotionally unstable compared to normals. In many ways, this can be attributed to going through life looking like the members of 80’s metal bands; when one has long bone blades instead of hands (for instance) , a great many simple things become complicated, and potentially self-injurous.
All have the trait bizarre appearance, and typically vary in skin/pelt of armor color to indicate ownership.

Termagants Armored(x2) + Large + slow metabolism + Weak INT + Feral
Termagants were bred to survive fights, and be meat shields, particularly against trolls. They come in a variety of forms but the most common variety resembles a huge (7-8’ tall) heavily muscled human with proportionally smallish heads and legs and bony plates or heavy callous covering most exposed skin. Termagants often wear heavy armor, and while they can use weapons, tend to favour oversized clubs and mauls.

Myrmadons Armored + natural weaponry + no fine manipulators+ Weak INT+Feral
Highly specialized and deadly, Myrmadons are designed to win fights. They are fast, aggressive and very territorial. Of all the post rebellion War thralls, the Myrmadons have calmed down the least. Myrmidon bodies have been extensively modified with the addition of a wide variety of natural weaponry. and are unable to use any but the crudest tools and for combat rely entirely on their natural weaponry, which varies considerably. Most have several natural attacks: -bone blades, horn, antlers, tusks, fangs, clublike appendages and even bony pincers or striking spurs are known and common. Myrmidons have thick horn armor covering much of their bodies, and resemble an armored human –abeit one covered in spikes with, say, two huge saw like blades for hands. Myrmidons, while none too smart are quite cunning in matters of fighting, being able to stalk their prey when necessary, or resorting to a frenzied, berserk charge when not.

Raptors: Small+ Flyer+ fast Metabolism + natural weaponry + no fine manipulators
Raptors are flying harassers and scouts –though small, and about the size of a young child, they are able to use bone spurs on their feet to great effect when stooping on victims. They resemble a five to seven year old child, with grossly extended and webbed arms, a large head and eyes, fangs, and, as noted, a collection of spurs on their feet. Some have poison glands attached to their fangs or the spurs. They are not immune to their own poison.

Psiloi small + fast metabolism +Feral + weak END+notable DEX+Feral
Psioli are skirmishers, and make up the bulk of the current population of war thralls. Psiloi are small slender humanoids with a prehensile tail, and four sets of hands. They can operate as either bipeds or quadrapeds, and are effective brachiators. Psiloi will always avoid hand to hand combat if at all possible –they are poor fighters, and generally should count as untrained. They are, however, excellent shots and are able to use light missile weapons, javelins or hurled rocks with great effectiveness. They are extremely mobile in forest and brush, and excel at setting ambushes.

Peltasts Peltasts are the thoroughbred troops of the war thrall armies: they are able to fight, use hand and missile weapons, and are fast enough to catch even Psiloi. Psioli are probably the most human like , looking like lean and muscled humans with proportionally long legs and arms , naturally spiked hair (rather like mandrils), and some spikes and small claws. Peltastes typically use shields and javelins, engaging larger enemies at range or evading, and closing on smaller or missile armed opponents, relying on knives or natural claws and fangs. Peltasts seldom wear armor, and double fatigue when they do –their metabolism is prone to overheating. Never common, peltasts are expensive to train, keep and breed. Peltasts require tremendous amounts of high energy food,particularly when in the field; blood for preference, and usually from their opponents. When in garrison, they are prone to go soft very quickly, and are fairly vulnerable to disease. Traits: fast metabolism + notable DEX weak END.

Brutes: cannon fodder of the war thrall armies. More details later. Think “dark crystal”.

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