Thursday, July 8, 2010

Well, that was fast !

WooT ! After months of neglect, five followers (HI Guys !) and over 100 views. And yes, thats all I have to say, except this: are comments broken ?


GerallKahla said...

Here's a stab at the comment field...

I don't think it's broken, but one never knows.

How the heck are ya?

Doc Grognard said...

Good ! (on both counts).

Thanks for following -i was pretty interested to see you rare developing your own Wanderer - that makes at least four of us, so far. It must be in the air .

GerallKahla said...

I blame Shane (a.k.a. P. S. Mangus) over on Swords Against the Outer Dark... My fascination with Classic Traveller began back in 1983, and hasn't really waned since. Then, he posted about his Dreamer idea for a Lovecraftian-mutation of the basic Wanderer hack.


Now, my daily writing practice is focused on creating a fantasy RPG in the design of the Traveller LBBs. Modern games don't present people with the ability to play solo very often, but the Classic Traveller rules did. Randomly generated encounters, environments, and creatures are all going to be a challenge for the genre.

Plus, creating separate source books for things like non-human races and detailed careers holds tremendous appeal.

Who else has given in to this diabolical urge? (You mention 4 of us...) How difficult was it to wrap Mongoose Publishing's Traveller into the concept?

Feel free to drop a line anytime!