Monday, July 19, 2010

Four corners: the broken marches

I'm going to start with a small area in the SE of the map - the area keyed on the tiny map on the left column: centered on the broken marches, a disputed and dismal land surrounded by four scheming kingdoms: three small, one large; one a trade haven (Sudaxen), one ancient, mysterious and decadent (Kantum), one small and aggressive (Ostsaxen), and one large and aggressive (Visaxia). The three lesser lands keep the large one from taking it, yet none will let the others have it either. All claim the marches, and all defend it, but none rule it. In short, heaven for adventurers.

more to come, probably starting with the ancient fog shrouded kingdom of Kantium -the first of the human lands that freed itself amongst the fey, and the last where any of the Fey-taught sorcerers, the pet humans, still rule.......(cue spooky hammer film music)

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