Sunday, July 4, 2010

hmmmmm...that's why the Adventurer files got 400+ hits, I guess ;)

Thanks to several of the OSR/OD&D blogs, Adventurer suddenly got wide circulation, which is great, as were the cudos !  Thanks Guys ! It happened a bit earlier than I expected, but the version (0.14) was mostly complete, if lacking polish. I'm working on a stable beta right now, and looking at posting it next week. 
 So, to facilitate it, and try to get the actual beta out as widely as the sub-pre-beta, I've revived this blog. 
I'll keep the most current version here, and hopefully, I can get all the links repointed to here, or at least the current file.  

  I'm delighted to discover that more than just the one or two people on some traveller boards interested in it! I want to hear your input on this , please !  Play-based reports, especially about the magic system and the utility of the characters generated are greatly appreciated - but, feel free to comment on whatever, up to and including the font choice.

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